Cape Cod

Promoting autonomy around death and end-of-life planning for those of all ages through education and discourse.
Did you know that the state of Massachusetts does not recognize Living Wills as legal documents in terms of guiding your healthcare planning? Living Wills may serve as a guide for your Health Care Agent, but if you are relying on a Living Will to dictate your end-of-life plans, decisions about your care will ultimately be left to your next-of-kin.

Have you talked with your primary care physician about your wishes regarding what you would like done, or not done, in the event that you suffer a serious illness or injury? Have you completed a Health Care Proxy form? Have you discussed, in-depth, what your wishes are with your next-of-kin or Health Care Agent? Are you comfortable enough with the truth of your own mortality that you have even considered these emotionally heavy questions?

Contact DieWellCapeCod today. There is no cost for services. DieWellCapeCod is intended to serve as a guide, a reference, and an education point for those who are unsure as to how to navigate their death. Dying is inevitable - facing it with dignity is a choice.